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According to BET Style there are a few fashions that we need to put to rest in 2009. I must say that I have to agree on their choices. Check them out:

1. Ditch the liquid leggings and go for more lace print leggings and stockings (Yes, the BLACK liquid leggings are a done deal. You can get different printed leggings other than black. Let’s tone the ROCKER CHICK look down just a bit. I order my leggings from…they have a huge variety of leggings, tights and more)

2. 80’s Retro look…leave it in the 80’s. Opt for more subtle up to date clothing with funky accessories. (yes all the neon clothing should be placed in the back of your closet unless another blackout occurs then they can be used accordingly)

3. Big oversized necklaces. Tone your neck down but upgrade to big bangles and stacked bracelets and cuffs. (Never was a fan of the big necklaces)

4. Bold makeup. Tone the dark lipsticks and dark eyes down with a more natural look this year. 

5. Thin strapped heels. Trade in your thin strappy for the bigger and bolder strapped shoes. (I must admit I love the bigger straps on shoes)

6. Members Only jackets. Place the Members Only jackets in the back of the closet and pull out the leather motorcycle jackets. 

7. Skinny jeans.  While skinny jeans will always be “in”, make a sttement with the new Harem pants. (Okay this one has to grow on me.)

8. Mini dresses. Mini dresses are still a comfort but up your sophistication by opting for a long pencil skirt.

9. Cardigans. Cardigans are a thing of the past. Dress up jeans and a nice shirt with a blazer instead. (I always loved that look…pair it off with some cute pumps and you are in there)

10. Trendy look. Break from the trendy look and bring back the days of Woodstock with an upgraded Hippie Look.

11. Keep it simple. Instead of finding two pieces to match make getting dressed easier with a one-step jumper. (I always loved jumpers but they are a hassle when you gotta run to the bathroom)

12. Plain and simple. Turn those plain outfits in and go for a bolder look with over sized buttons, zippers and buckles.

13. Add Color. Instead of trying to match from head to toe try mixing cool colors and fabrics for your own unique look. (I must agree…I love being and looking different). 




You all know how much I love Tory Burch designs. Right now there is a special going on at where you can get free shipping on a purchase of $150 or more. Take advantage of this special in order to rock the hottest new designs from the Tory Burch collection.

Ladies…as the New Year is vastly approaching I know we are all trying to find that perfect outfit to bring in the New Year. Below I have some outfit ideas that will surely make the clock stop for you as you bring in the New Years!!

If you are attending a formal event then a dress will be your best choice. Take a look at these hot finds.


For those attending a NYE event at a club or bar scene the below choices are good choices.


Alright fellas Christmas is just two days away so if you haven’t gotten your sweetie something nice, check out this last minute gifts that don’t look so last minute.

1. A gift certificate to a spa….what women doesn’t like to be pampered!

2. Some perfume….hot right now are Vera Wang, Givenchy, Armani and Sean John.

4. A $100 gift certificate to Sephora…yes $100…they have everything for a woman to keep her looking fabulosly flawless for you…;)

5. A $200 gift certificate for a mall…yes they have prepaid Visa giftcards to be used at any store in the mall…if you have a girl like me the $200 might be spent on one item!!!

6. Victoria Secret…anything…make sure you really KNOW what your woman likes and her REAL size…you don’t wanna end up embarrassing her on Christmas.

7. A HAWT handbag….you are in luck…..places like Nordstroms, Dilliards and Saks are all having huge sales today so that $500 designer bag might be reduced to $200. I would suggest Tory Burch or Jessica Simpson.

8. Diamonds…come on what girl doesn’t love diamonds!!!


I will be the first to say that I am in love with Harajuku Lovers apparel.  My wardrobe has been upgraded with several pieces from the “Gwen Stefani” label. Here are some hot items some that I have actually purchased and a few that are currently on my wish list. Yes I am a true Harajuku Girl!!!


Check out these Hot items from “Married to the Mob”. All I can say is these items are on FIYAH…had to get them…you should too!!!


Check out this line called Sheiki. I love the design and originality of the designs and would rock every item seen here. Of course I like to shop for items that you would be less likely to find in your local department stores or malls so these are definitely top on my list!

Check out these fingerless gloves that are the hottest trend for the winter season. One might wonder why a person would wear gloves that expose their fingers to the cold but the gloves actually make it easier to button bottons, grab things from your purse and tie your shoes…plus they look good…and that’s what it’s really all about.


A TRUE fashionista eats, drinks, dreams and breathes fashion. Some females tend to THINK they are these big fashion icons when all they do is copy what they see in a magazine. A TRUE fashionista sees a style in a magazine and instead of copying the style from head to toe they add their own twist and flavor to the outfit. A TRUE fashionista is one who doesn’t brag about what they are wearing and who it’s by…”stylin” comes so natural that they don’t even think twice about what they are wearing until someone compliments them. A TRUE fashionista doesn’t copy trends, she creates them. A TRUE fashionista loves designer clothes but will still shop at the local goodwill to get that one Vintage piece that no one else has. A TRUE fashionista embraces her body and accents her best features. A TRUE fashionista never “hates” on another FASHIONISTA but makes it known that their outfits and styles are just as hot. So to all the FAKE Fashionistas out there…step your game up and GET A CLUE!!!


Hot, Hot, Hot is what I describe these L.A.M.B. shoes. I am already addicted to the L.A.M.B handbags so of course my closet wouldn’t be complete without these hot shoes to top off my classic creations.